Why Breathing Hydrogen Rules Supreme

Why Breathing Hydrogen Rules Supreme 

Many fans of healthy lifestyles are already familiar with hydrogen water, H2 inhalation is the next evolution in health, beauty and overall wellness. HIT has spread relatively fast, which is associated with long-term adaptation of this technology for home use. In Japan and South Korea, hydrogen inhalation is the most popular way of hydrogen consumption due to the immediate results over a shorter period of time.

Due to its small size, molecular hydrogen can easily and quickly reach all the cells of our body, inside the brain and deep organ tissues, even when blood vessels are blocked. Only molecular hydrogen can pass through cell membranes to eliminate free radicals created within the cells.

Molecular hydrogen does reconstruction work in places where other antioxidants cannot reach due to their larger size.

Scientists proved and reported great improvement in symptoms of the following diseases after an intake of molecular hydrogen:

Digestive Diseases – 91 %                           

Allergy – 99 %

Skin Diseases – 96 %

Respiratory Organic Diseases – 89 %

Diabetes – 88 %

Osteoarthritis – 87 %

Neurological System – 59%   

Here are some of the well-known benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation                  
  • Purification of cells and the whole organism;
  • Prevention and alleviation of skin and allergic problems;
  • Slowing of aging and restoration of youth;
  • Help in the fight against cellulite and wrinkles;
  • healing of wounds and sores;
  • strengthening of hair;
  • improving memory in the elderly
  • Maintenance of healthy blood pressure;
  • Prevention of myocardial infarction;
  • Maintaining the general tone of the body;
  • Help with autoimmune diseases;
  • Fight against malignant liver tumors;
  • Prevention of osteoporosis and maintenance of healthy bone density;
  • Protection of the fetus during pregnancy which ensures its healthy growth and development;
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene;
  • Improvement of liver function in liver cirrhosis, hepatitis;
  • Treatment of atopic dermatitis, asthma, urticaria;
  • Facilitation of specific diseases such as Crohn’s disease and Behcet’s Syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Kawasaki’s disease;
  • Prevention and treatment of intestinal disorders (chronic diarrhea, indigestion, constipation);
  • Decreased level of saturated fats;
  • Preserving the skin of the face and neck, reducing the number of clogged pores and acne;
  • Improved blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Gets rid of fatigue;
  • Quicker exit from depressive states;


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