Read about the difference HIT has made in the lives of real customers


Ralph M - Red Bank, NJ

A few months back had a horrible MRSA related skin infection and I went through hell. My doctor put me on 3 weeks of anti-biotics…I was run down, weak and my skin suffered greatly. The HIT system from HB Wellco really helped with my recovery. Who knew this stuff had this many benefits?  The horrible scarring I had from the infection seemed to clear so much faster once I started my treatments. The red blotches from the anti-biotics also started to fade and within 2 or 3 days I started to get my energy back, This machine was worth every penny. Even though I am now fully healed, I am going to continue the treatments for the many other benefits from being a new HIT system enthusiast. I am sleeping like a baby and I wake up every morning now feeling refreshed and ready to go…amazing! Thank you HIT!

Sebby G - Folly Beach, SC

I found out about HIT from one of the fitness trainers at my gym, this guy is in great shape. I’m in my mid 40’s and have been struggling lately with stamina and slow recovery after my workouts. My job is really stressful and I always looked forward to getting a good workout in. I went for it, bought the system at 40 bucks a month and have to say to my surprise, great investment! The first thing I noticed was that I had more energy and started sleeping through the night. Then my recovery time was easy, less muscle soreness, no muscle weakness. Tone is even better. Is this really possible?

Mark L - Pennsylvania, PA

I have inflammation in my back, hips and legs that has made getting around difficult, I’ve been in pain for a year and a half, with little to no relief. I bought an inversion table, go for chiropractics, have tried intermittent fasting and the anti-inflammatory diet. The relief is temporary. I found out about H2 from my college buddy that’s in the NFL, decided to give HIT a try. I’m floored. I’m still scratching my head as to how me breathing for 30 minutes a Day is fixing my body. I’m sold and a happy customer.

LIsa B - La Jolla, CA

HIT is all the rage in my circle of friends for beautiful skin, hair and nails, so of course I had to try it. A couple of years ago we were all running to oxygen bars for that healthy “flush”. That’s all it was, a temporary flush... Since I’ve been using HIT I’ve noticed that my skin is more resilient, glowy, firm all over, not just my face, and my hair and brows are fuller. I still go for my fillers  but I’ve noticed that my recovery time is super fast and my fillers seem to last longer. We’re not looking at HIT as a passing fad, but a way of life. BTW, my plastic surgeon loves HIT as well, has always known the benefits of it, so it makes me even more comfortable using this system.

Penelope P - Orange County, CA

My husband is an athlete so we know and have experienced the limited benefits of H2 Water therapy. When we found out about HIT from Rita ( one of the founders) we jumped on it! I just had some minor surgery and am healing quickly, lots of energy, very little downtime. My skin is glowing, apparently one of the glorious side-effect/ benefits. Hubby has the stamina and strength of a man ten years younger- great for his career! We love it and recommend it. And we love the owners of HBwellco and their integrity. They made everything seamless.

Stacy S - Aspen, CO

I heard about HIT therapy from one of my friends in my group of ladies that have had breast surgery that are cancer survivors and those that have had various forms of surgery. Lots of the ladies in my group had looked into Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for healing. After I did the research on both I’m glad to say I went with HIT. First, I can do HIT when I feel like it, I don’t have to leave my home. It’s portable so I can do it anywhere. I’m not losing time because I’m spending it in an oxygen chamber. HIT has proven results in healing both short and long term, oxygen does not. I have more energy, sleep well, am recovering nicely, even my scars are less noticeable. I’ve recommended it to my group and beyond. I’m a thankful and happy customer.

Anna M. - Tampa, FL

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was given all different kinds of meds to help me with the pain. I was always tired, no energy, couldn’t get out of bed some days. One of my friends had a HIT system and I decided to try it. We shared the machine for 2 weeks and then she told me to get my own! So I did. I’m on it for 3 months, I have energy! Less inflammation! I feel like I’m living again. I even went swimming and have been dropping pounds that needed to come off. I recommend this, it works.

Bobby C - Westchester, NY

I’d Ben suffering with post surgery healing issues from hip and knee replacements. I just couldn’t get the inflammation down enough no matter how much rehab I’d done with and without professionals. I hate taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories, but was forced to. I was really starting to get depressed. I had heard about H2 water but the machines were way out of my league financially, so I kept looking and found HBW ‘s site. HIT wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t so expensive either. For what I was losing out of in life and expensive meds, I figured I’d try it out, what the hell. I’m glad I did. First I had the BEST nights sleep in years. Then my pain started to lessen, and I felt sharper in the head wasn’t so foggy anymore. And now I have energy, moving around more, I even took my wife out to dinner- long time since I felt well enough for that! Thank you.