HIT : Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

Simply BREATHE, and let HIT do the rest.

The HIT portable system puts you on the fast track to be the best YOU can be with cumulative, positive effects. 

Hydrogen inhalation therapy has spread quickly through the wellness and beauty community because of H2’s potent ability to reduce inflammation— the root cause to all dis-ease and aging concerns.

HIT is a safe and efficient way to breathe your way to good health. It not only improves your overall wellness, but also assists in the absorption of nutrients, supplements and medications.

Hydrogen inhalation is extremely popular in Japan and South Korea (leaders in heath & beauty rejuvenation) due to the immediate positive results on every cell and organ in the body.

Due to its small size, molecular hydrogen can easily and quickly saturates and reinforces all the healthy cells of our body, inside the brain and deep into our organ tissues, even when blood vessels are blocked.

Only molecular hydrogen can pass through cell membranes to eliminate free radicals created within the cells to allow healing and rejuvenation - the ultimate in disease prevention.

HIT is used to both treat, prevent, and foster a healthy environment for the entire body, mind & skin.

Over 1000+ scientific articles prove and reported great improvement in symptoms of the following diseases after consistent intake of molecular hydrogen:                                                  


    • Purification & hydration of cells and the whole organism
    • Prevention and alleviation of skin and allergic problems
    • Slowing of aging and restoration of youth
    • Help in the fight against cellulite and wrinkles
    • Faster healing of wounds and sores
    • Improving memory and cognitive function, & alleviation of seizures
    • Maintenance of healthy blood pressure
    • Maintaining the general tone of the body                               
    • Prevention and alleviation of diabetes
    • Prevention of osteoporosis and maintenance of healthy bone density
    • Protection of the fetus during pregnancy which ensures its healthy growth and development
    • Improvement of liver function in liver cirrhosis, hepatitis & fight against malignant tumors
    • Treatment of atopic dermatitis, asthma, urticaria
    • Facilitation of healing specific diseases such as Crohn’s disease and Behcet’s Syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Kawasaki’s disease
    • Prevention and treatment of intestinal disorders (chronic diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, leaky gut)
    • Preserving the skin of the face and neck, reducing the number of clogged pores and acne
    • Improved blood circulation and metabolism
    • Gets rid of fatigue
    • Quicker exit from depressive states
    • Cancer prevention and treatment  
    • Help with autoimmune diseases, such as Lyme & Srogren Syndrome and improves neurological function   

References: Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI) and Molecular Hydrogen Studies


Hydrogen is arguably one of the most effective and safe antioxidants 

Hydrogen Medicine: prevention & therapeutic applications