HIT Case Study Details

The field of Molecular Hydrogen is rapidly developing and new and impactful studies are published every day. We have personally seen the dramatic positive effects of Molecular Hydrogen therapy on peoples health and overall beauty.

HBwellco is leading the advancement and education of Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy in North America and we appreciate you supporting this endeavor to help others heal, thrive and live their best life!


    By participating in HBwellco's 3-month case study, you will have access to work closely one-on-one with Bri, who oversees our research and case study programs. Bri obtained her Master of Science degree in 2016 in occupational therapy, and thereafter focused her OT career on pediatric and adult neuro populations.

    Her passion took a radical shift from conventional healthcare to natural and holistic health after she became the first person with Lyme disease to use our system. Her results dramatically exceeded her expectations, as she achieved her health goals at a rapid pace. She then incorporated HIT with close family and friends with the following issues: malignant brain tumor, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, decreased energy, memory impairment, hormonal dysfunction, skin discoloration/wrinkles.

    Bri quickly realized the not only the massive potential of HIT for helping others, but also the growing need for consumer education. Bri aims to provide mentorship, guidance, and advocacy to bridge the gap between the Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy and the everyday user to further their understanding of how HIT can benefit a wide variety of health and wellness concerns.

    Bri brings forth her energetic optimism, empathy, and science-based healthcare background to our case study participants. Her goal is to educate and self-empower others in order for them to reach their goals in holistic health, vitality, wellness, and beauty.

    For more case study participation information, data and the potential to collaborate with HBwellco's proprietary research group, please contact: Email: bri@HBWellco.com