CEO & Founder, Nicole Alexandra

HBwellco stands for Health & Beauty Wellness Company.

Our company creates innovative, one of a kind, results driven health and beauty products.

At the intersection of science, technology and the mother of all, nature -- is where the horsepower of results (internal and external) happen in the areas of health and beauty. And we are really excited to share these products with you. 

We are in a era of wellness 4.0 -which is now embracing the entire well-being (mind/body/spirit) - and its also about simplification (amen) and getting to the root cause of things in this information overload world we live in. Whether that is your health, beauty goals or mental state of well-being - we don't want to wait to live our best life. We want to live it now! And guess what - that's exactly what we are going to do together.

Facts are - getting results is where that shift takes place for us. When we start to feel better, gain momentum, look good, feel frisky for life ... our minds become more relaxed and positive. This is where the law of attraction shifts and welcomes in a new energy for us to ride to the next level of life. Also called the happiness effect.

HBwellco has an incredible network that consists of influencers, wellness gurus, health experts, doctors, healers, entrepreneurs, researchers, athletes, & beauty experts. This team is aligned in our mission and walks their talk. They use HBwellco's products daily --and in fact thrive as a result of their efficaciousness.

We also have an affiliate network platform for those that are aligned and eager to spread the education of molecular hydrogen. Join us! Our products are on the leading edge (starting with HIT) you can't get buy them anywhere else (globally) and everyone we believe in everyone winning (personally & financially).

Continued blessings to you and your loved ones.

Let's slay!